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Web car parts retailers/catalogs outside of the US

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Web car parts retailers/catalogs outside of the US

PostTue Mar 20, 2012 3:25 pm

Here in the US, the gold standard of online auto parts retail is RockAuto, which has a very comprehensive catalog that's easy to navigate if you know a make/year/model or a part cross-reference. And then for OE parts, there are any number of web sites that repackage data from Trademotion, WHI, OEC, Simplepart, PartsVoice, or other suppliers of their ilk.

But lately, I've needed to find numbers or specifications for parts no longer available in the US aftermarket, but still available in Europe. What good websites might help?

Language is not really an issue because of Google Translate (plus car part names are often easy to decipher anyway). I've had decent luck using, but almost everything else that Google suggests is pure junk. UK "spares" sites seem just horrendous.

I'm mostly interested in Europe, Latin America, and Australia, but for the sake of completeness, Asian sites would be appreciated, too.

Also, a holy grail would be a site that's actually willing to sell and ship to the US.

My suspicion is that US online car parts retail really is just far more sophisticated than it is for the rest of the world. I welcome speculation on the reason.

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