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How much is my friend's car worth?

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How much is my friend's car worth?

PostMon Jun 25, 2012 12:10 pm

I have a friend who needs to sell her '84 Volvo 242 DL Coupe. It's has faded paint, the interior has seen better days, it's due for smog shortly and the idiot who replaced the brake pads last time around did it wrong, so it needs new rotors. The upside: it's a stick, it runs well, and it isn't trashed, just 28 years old.

She was talking about posting it for $500 (everyone is now excited, you might still be able to get it into arse-freeze-apalooza!), but I thought it might be worth more. It's not a turbo, but there is a lot of life left in the engine and a modest enthusiast community, and it's a runner (which means $1000 according to the rule of thumb I've heard).

How much would you guys post it for on Craigslist?
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Re: How much is my friend's car worth?

PostMon Jun 25, 2012 12:38 pm

About $5. I'll take it off her hands. Cash!

In all seriousness, since I really don't need another car... I'd have to see pictures to make more of an educated declaration, but the price on old Volvos has been going way up lately for some reason. 240s in good condition have been regularly listed for $3-4K. I'd post a decent runner at $1500. Fix the brakes (seriously easy job...) and smog it (seller is required to do that anyway) and post it for $2K.
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Re: How much is my friend's car worth?

PostTue Jun 26, 2012 2:50 pm

California taxpayers support a $1000 price floor for runners with current registration. It sounds like it's worth a bit more.

(The gears are turning in my head right now...I'm not working this summer and I would enjoy the cash from flipping an old Volvo, especially since there's an extra space in the driveway while my girlfriend is working in Houston).

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