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Nevermind the woodgrain, I need this fixed...

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Re: Nevermind the woodgrain, I need this fixed...

PostSun Nov 25, 2012 6:21 pm

That sucks. I was in a similar situation with my car about two years ago, a car i bought new in 2003 got engine problems and then various other things that have needed service or replacement in the last two years. I've put about 1/3 of the cars value in parts and labor over the last two years, and that's with a friend doing most of the work. It still needs basically all new brakes including calipers and some various other things done so it's driving me mad. I got a Volvo 740 to drive while i fix the ford, and to be honest i've driven the 740 more than the ford in the last two years.

So yes, +57 on the rwd Volvo. They're cheap enough, and once you do get a "new" car just keep it around as a second car for the next 50 years.. Mine's an -89 non-turbo and i have no experience with the never ones, but i've driven it maybe 15.000km now and not counting oil and tires, it's only needed a new radiator(140€), 11litres of ATF(90€), tie-rod(25€), cat-back exhaust(140€), and some bulbs. Oh and cambelt+tensioner(50€). Basically wear items that will go bad on all cars at some point, and this one has over 350.000km on it. I've put nearly twice the amount of money into the Ford than into the volvo, and that's including the purchase price of the volvo. I've done nearly all the work myself or with a friend though, so no labor costs.

So if you do get one and it happens to be an automatic and it develops a leak in the radiator, change the radiator! The cooling lines for the ATF run thru it, and mixing the two fluids is bad. It's been nearly two years since i noticed the first slip and changed the fluid and replaced the radiator, so far no problems.

Edit: So yeah the Volvo wont be a miracle-car that doesn't need any work. But the whole car is very simple and there's plenty of room to work with, and parts are inexpensive and easily available. And if you keep to the ox-cart models, there won't be any alignment issues or dozens of bushings to worry about at the back either. I've never been bothered by the solid rear axle, it works perfectly fine and it's a comfortable car with superbly comfortable seats.

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