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Honda Door Lock Cylinders Standardization?

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Honda Door Lock Cylinders Standardization?

PostSun Apr 20, 2014 12:57 pm

I'm posting for my friend, who will likely be posting on any subsequent comments on this thread. She owns a 2007 Fit (base model, , power locks, but no keyless-entry), and has a driver-side door lock cylinder that has shit the proverbial bed. For some time, she's been required to unlock the car from the passenger side and either climb over, or walk around to get in. After three fun years of this, she's ready to fix this problem. We've started looking for parts, and as we'z all poor, there's not much interest in paying Honda a butt-load of money for a brand new lock. The local pick-a-part does not list any Fits, but there are a handful of early 2000's Hondas at the yard. My question is this:

Does anyone know if Honda uses a standardized door lock cylinder across their models? I would assume that they likely would, but I'd like confirmation before we drive 25 miles to the Pick-a-Part. AND, if they do, do any of you know if the lock cylinder from a Civic or Accord from up to 2003 might work? (This is the latest model Honda/Acura that the yard has listed in their inventory).

Thanks in advance!

Von Pinto, friend of FitBitty.


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Re: Honda Door Lock Cylinders Standardization?

PostMon Apr 21, 2014 4:55 pm

Does her Fit do the thing where the key bottoms out too early and subsequently the tumbler won't turn? Very common Honda thing on newer cars without keyless entry. As far as I know, Honda used nickle-coated brass pins in the locks, which wear out very fast with the newer key design Honda uses. Honda's 'fix' was to lubricate the locks every time you changed your oil, but if you don't maintain your car at a dealership, it never happened.

Honda did use the same cylinder in the Civic and CR-V as far as I know (as long as the part number is the same you can use it,) but you'd need to get the lock re-pinned anyway. Bring the current driver's cylinder and the main key she uses (especially if it isn't 'sharp' anymore) to a competent locksmith and get a quote. It'll probably be around $150-200 total in labor, which is still less than a new cylinder from Honda. And in the future, lubricate the locks using liquid graphite lube constantly, or it'll happen again.



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Re: Honda Door Lock Cylinders Standardization?

PostTue Apr 22, 2014 7:36 pm

Honda actually has a pretty good online parts catalog, with drawings and the ability to order parts and have them delivered to your local dealer if you hate your money. (I used this a bit last summer on some little parts you can only get from the dealer where the cost of shipping wiped out whatever savings there would be ordering it from the cheapest dealer that does direct online sales. I did save money but apparently the parts were so cheap they were under some sort of credit card threshold so they didn't charge my card or tell me the part had arrived and I had to go down there after a week and find out what was up).

Anywaaay this is the page for front door locks on an 07 Fit ... ++5310&dl=

If you Google the part number for the left front lock cylinder it seems to show it only fitting first-gen Fits.
Worth noting that even if you did find a compatible lock cylinder in a junkyard, you would still need to acquire that Honda's key from the junkyard (I've never tried and have no idea if any yard does that?) or pay a locksmith to make that cylinder fit your key or just make a key that fits.

Colonel Panik

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Re: Honda Door Lock Cylinders Standardization?

PostThu Apr 24, 2014 8:05 pm

Locks went south on my 2003 Civic. New locks = New Keys.
New Keys need to be "programed"
Ignition, two doors and the trunk = $1000

That is the ONLY repair on that car. 232000 miles and running strong.

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