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Texas Rally Sport's only V8 entrant! [1996 Firebird Formula]

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Texas Rally Sport's only V8 entrant! [1996 Firebird Formula]

PostFri Feb 24, 2012 10:11 pm


In a row of FWD beaters, and a sea of Subarus, my Formula is a bit of an odd sight. But, the stock suspension has travel galore, a strong solid axle rear suspension, and steel SLA front suspension. That, and with positraction and a good 6spd manual, it's not a half-bad rallycross car. No fear of oversteer is needed, and a love for that right-most pedal. The good news is, with the V8's low-end torque, I can run 2nd gear all day long and keep the RPMs low to save the motor wear, but still be able to throw the rearend where-ever I need to with a good stab at the throttle.

The 2nd event isn't worth noting, because of it being postponed and the conditions being so bad, it was mostly a fun-run. Swampy mud, the Formula is too heavy for stuff like that. Of the 4 2wd cars that day (low turn out due to the circumstances above), the leaders were FWD cars, able to dig through this mess. Me and the MX5 were just stuck playing mud-bog.

The 2nd heat included a huge track change that brought the MX5 into competition with the 2 FWD cars, but I derp'd the new course layout hard, but was getting good at it towards the last 2 laps. It was much tighter, a big challenge for the Formula. Its long wheel-base is its only real disadvantage.

Videos from Event #1

Fastest lap

Loads of style (Including the 75 foot drift around the back stretch)
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Re: Texas Rally Sport's only V8 entrant! [1996 Firebird Form

PostWed Mar 28, 2012 7:32 pm

I'm following the Facebook guys. Looks like a hoot. I'm tempted to take the pickup for an event... all 180k miles of her and see what'll do.

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