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Fun Changing My Oil

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Fun Changing My Oil

PostFri Aug 31, 2012 4:53 pm

Changed the oil in my beast today. Always good times. A little more interesting than usual, though. Had the normal, enjoyable trip to Lee Auto Supply in Alameda. There's no parking, but those guys awesome. I believe John was the gentleman who helped me today, and when I walked up to the counter with my normal 5qt+1qt helping of 10w30, he pointed out there was a sale on the 1qts and it was cheaper to skip the 5qt jug. Excellent. Done.

Then when setting up to do the deed, I found this at the top of my stack of newsprint:


Only one thing to do with that. I stuck it under my Jeep. It died protecting my garage floor from oil. Good luck team Jaywatch. I spilled a couple of drops in your honor. It even probably had some coolant mixed in for that extra lemony spirit.

Speaking of which, I'll find out how much in a few weeks. I'm sending a couple ounces to Blackstone Labs to find out. Seriously, they helped me diagnose my cracked cylinder head. At this point, I'm still on short oil changes until the levels drop a bit more (it can take a while for all of it to flush out of the system). Anyway, I highly recommend them. Also, their FAQ is pretty hilarious: Read the questions about "tape". Maybe I just got a good laugh out of them because of this:


Finally, the Jeep is still in the garage, to my wife's chagrin (that's her spot), because after I put the catch pan down and popped the oil drain plug, I grabbed the oil cap on the valve cover. Instead of that smooth, progressive sliding sensation of the threads letting go, I heard a "crack" and my hand jumped a quarter turn. Crap. The top half of the cap was in my hand and the bottom half was in the valve cover. Fortunately, I had a handy whatzit[*] in my tool box which I was able to jam in the bottom half and use it to unscrew the cap.

She's 11 years old. Stuff like this is going to happen. I put the old one back together and put it on lightly to keep the dust out. I've got one on order from the Auto parts store. They'll have it in in the morning. There's a couple of other things I need to do out that direction anyway...

[*] The whatzit ended up being my gasket scraper.

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