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Thought I'd share our fleet

Project cars, modifications or other general showoff

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Thought I'd share our fleet

PostSun Mar 10, 2013 12:17 pm

Not all are owned by me, but all are in the household.

Kicking things off there's my Alfa 156 2.5l, my DD of 4 years. It's needed fairly consistent bits and bobs doing to it, but has so far defied the usual Alfa stereotype, and all sins are forgiven due to the jewel of a 2.5l V6. Fantastic car. Image

Next up is my Jag. It’s a 1989 XJ6 that I bought from my uncle for the princely sum of £60. Non-runner, with a sagged headlining, no power steering, a rusty bootlid and one functioning door which opened using a piece of string tied to the locking mechanism and fed up through the window. It’s now recommissioned, and awaiting the last few parts for a manual transmission swap. Image

Then there’s my first major project, my little Triumph Spitfire, into which I’m transplanting the 2.5l I6 from a 2500PI. I’ve finished the majority of the rust-work, and it’s waiting on removal of the body so I can have a go at the chassis, and then the rebuild of the big 6 Image Progress pics here:

Last in my possession is a recently purchased E36 325i. Bought for £275 from a mate who needed a quick sale, my plan is to drive it to work while the Alfa gets its cambelt changed and then sell it on. Image

First among the rest of the stable there’s my dad’s Porsche 914/6. It was the first one imported into the UK, and was promptly crashed by a magazine road-tester. The mechanicals were transplanted into another chassis, along with the chassis number, and the original bodyshell was eventually rebuilt with a 911E engine. First owned by my great-uncle, he practically gave it to my dad after driving it to Egypt and back without topping up the oil and spinning a crankshaft bearing. My dad then replaced the bearing with an oversized one from a Ford LGV, converted it to RHD and replaced the fuel injection with webers (viewed as a bad decision). The rest, as they say, is history. Image

After that is the old MG. It’s a ‘40s TC that my grandfather built up from a bare chassis, and left it to my dad when he passed away. It’s a truly beautiful car, and a right laugh to pootle around in. Image

Last of my dad’s (other than his 156 SportWagon DD) is my namesake, the Maserati 228. Currently being restored due to a period of neglect, it’s not looking its best. Saying that, it’s mechanically perfect and is also defying its reputation at 116k miles and original turbos. Sadly, the rust reputation is fairly accurate. Image

Lastly is my sister’s boyfriend’s host of Peugeot 106s. He started with a bog-standard 1.1l as his first car, and set about upgrading it with GTi suspension and white-painted alloys. Usually I’m not a fan of painted wheels, but with the China Blue paint it looked gorgeous. He even had an 8v engine from a Saxo VTR to swap in, but found that no-one would insure him on that so sold it and bought the first of his GTis. The red car lasted all of a month before it developed some rather irritating engine issues and he bought the black GTi from a friend of his. Lowered (too far for the roads in the UK) and cammed, it was a right little pocket rocket. However, after fixing the red one (the much nicer car) he’s fitting ITBs to the red car and looking for something RWD. The GTis are hot hatches of the old-school. Featherweight rattle-traps with powerful engines, they’re buckets of fun to drive. Image Image

Overall, not a bad little fleet, and we're very lucky to have the facilities and funds to keep them.

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