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Does this look infected??

Project cars, modifications or other general showoff

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Does this look infected??

PostSun Dec 28, 2014 12:56 am

hey guys and gals,
long time lurker here, figured id share my toys with the class.

first up,

2 wheelers
82 Honda CB750 SC, not a bad all around bike, has some cool touches the PO did. Cant complain, it runs, paid a dollar per cc for it.


12' Triumph Bonneville, my pride and joy, love everything about it. first bike i bought new, added a British customs cafe seat, biltwell grips, faring and cocktail shaker exhaust. Its loud, fast and will shoot flames if you give it to her hard enough. :twisted:
sorry for the crappy pic, mines the black one in the front of the pic

70...something Honda cb360. its a project i bought from a guy in a bar at about 130am, completely shitfaced. was in my second block of welding school, broke as a joke and decided i couldn't live without it. spent that months rent right there on the spot, sight unseen. yes im an idiot. pretty cool though, thinking a scrambler project when i get to it.

70 something JAWA 350 2 stroke with a velorex sidecar. just kinda acquired this thing,dont know much about it, but i came with a mik crate of parts. its currently under a foot of snow in my yard and i dont even have a pic!

84 suzuki 650 tempter (x2), traded the pair for an 81 suburban with a bum fuel pump. not bad bikes, ive cannibalized one to keep the other going. also for sale if you know anyone in Saskatchewan looking for a bike in December :P

4 wheels

95 pink'ish' lincoln town car executive. what a BEAST! picked up "the Love Boat" for 500$$ not too long ago) 275000kms, runs like a top and gets me to work. on the drive home from buying it the stank of weed and no exhaust gave me a day long migrane. such good shit

2012 ford f350. 6.7 powerstroke quad cab lariat. sexiest vehicle ive ever owned, power power power, traded up from an 11 ranger 4.0l cant say enough good about it. only downside is actually having to pay for it. payments suck.


anyways, sorry for the novel, lemme know what ya think!

*edited for pics*
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Re: Does this look infected??

PostTue Jan 13, 2015 2:39 am

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