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HAM Radio?

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HAM Radio?

PostFri Sep 21, 2012 8:21 pm

I'm developing a HAM Radio hobby. As a shot in the dark I thought some other Hoons might be HAMs as well. Right now I'm limited to a GMRS license (WQPY492), but aim to get my HAM Technician license soon. In San Francisco the SFFD runs a program called NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team that trains up and licenses HAM operators for emergency response.

HAM radio is all about talking to people, random people in random places that share a common interest, just like Hooniverse!

Today I showed up on a hill to watch the Space Shuttle fly by, and started talking to the random person next to me. I mentioned hearing some HAM operators on my 5 watt handheld (BaoFeng UV-5R) tracking the shuttle as it moved around Northern California. She said she hadn't thought to bring her HAM radio and I was like, "What, you're a HAM operator?" (and a girl to boot!). As it turned out, she got more information about the Shuttle out of her Twitter feed than I did over the repeater network, but it was still a kick to see the two systems in action. And the Endeavour, that was a kick to see, too.

WQPY492 for a demonstration?
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