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Engines with different sizes of cylinder

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:12 pm
by Marto
So I saw a diagram of a three-cylinder steam engine the other day and each cylinder was a different size than the others.


There might be very good reasons, but could you make an internal combustion engine with different-sized cylinders?
(It wouldn’t be done for the same reasons as the steam engine of course.)

A couple of applications I can think of:
Engines with cylinder shutdown – a couple of little cylinders to keep you rolling, bigger ones to give you power.
Compact engines that need high torque and high revs – long-stroke cylinders to do their thing in low down and short-stroke cylinders take on more of the work high up.

I think most of the that’s-dumb-because problems could be solved.

So, just as an idea could it be done? And can you think of other applications?


PS: For those following my "USA trip advice" post, I land in Los Angeles on May 19.