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My New Happy

Miscellaneous (car related) stuff and BSing. Craigslist/eBay finds, stuff from Hooniverse or elsewhere in the automoblogosphere, youtube or whatever.

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My New Happy

PostSun May 12, 2013 2:53 pm

Once in a while I run across something Hoonirrific that just makes me happy. Today it was a flea market find that I didn't need, wasn't looking for, already had and bought anyway because happy.


I had never seen an all brass tire pressure gauge (excepting ones where the chrome had worn off to expose the brass underneath) but what really sealed my fate was that this one was actually made by Schrader, of the famous valve; which is proudly proclaimed not only on the head but also on the pocket clip. Even the stick is solid brass. $2!

How ever old it may be it still reads the same as my brandy-new dial gauge.

My previous happy was a GM Motorama keychain from 1956. What's your new Hoony happy?
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