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New car rant.

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New car rant.

PostWed May 22, 2013 1:14 pm

This weekend my wife finally got to pick up her '02 Camry. I know, the proverbial anti-car. But this one belonged to her mother, and the Toyota is a mild, soft and cosy ride, very honest and simple. It is the newest car we could get our hands on. To me, it is still unbelievable to enter a vehicle that does not show even the slightest signs of rust.

Anyway, her mother bought a new Auris Hybrid. I always thought that you can't do much wrong if you're not interested in cars, but need one, and buy a Toyota. The Auris surely is a nice vehicle. But what really bothers me is how modern cars are designed. The interior is like a burg, you're lucky if you get a view out of the windshield. It's cramped. For newspaper car guys to accept it into the warmth of proper automobilehood, the Toyota needs to look "sporty", and a bit like a wedge. I can't know if the tiny windows are a safety or a design-thing, but you can hardly see anything in the interior-mirror. Then there are the wheels. 17 inch! On a compact! I thought every millimeter counts for driver, passengers and luggage, but that's probably just me. Compare the wheel size to yesteryear's prestigous car, the S-class.


The thing I am afraid about is that when today's new cars get affordable for me in ten years or so, there will only be a select few station wagons and family haulers I can accept - because I want to use my own eyes when driving them. Or maybe a convertible..?

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