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Ford To Cease Production in Australia in 2016

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Ford To Cease Production in Australia in 2016

PostWed May 22, 2013 9:13 pm

Just in case you'd not seen this in other parts of the Hoonisphere...Ford are closing their engine and auto plants in Australia in 2016. I'd imagine that this means the end of the Falcon, Utes and RWD Ford saloon in general.

To be honest, I understand the business case. Changing tastes amongst Australian buyers, makes the case for having unique vehicles for what is a fairly small market hard to justify. Add to that the strong Australian dollar, which makes production more expensive there, and you've got a strong business case.

On the other hand, as much as I may personally be a Holden man, I think we lose something important by losing both production and an iconic group of vehicles like this. Much as America was left somehow poorer when it lost its RWD land yachts, Australian culture will be more homogenized and less unique without Falcons and Utes on the roads.

It'll be interesting to see what GM's response is by way of Holden. They've already committed to reduced workforces and although there's commitment for an all new Commodore in 2016, does Ford's move make a bigger market for that car or is it an admission that the segment is just plain dead? Old GM would have gone ahead because they said they would, but new GM is not, I believe, as adverse to changing their minds should market conditions change.

Here's a link to ABC's coverage of the announcements

Your thoughts?


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Re: Ford To Cease Production in Australia in 2016

PostThu May 23, 2013 6:40 am

If North America and the B-Body and Panther are anything to go by, at least the Holden's got about 15 years left of owning that segment by itself before GM gives up, because it finally stops becoming worth it spending pennies a year updating the Commodore. Or something like that.
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Re: Ford To Cease Production in Australia in 2016

PostThu May 23, 2013 7:01 am

By being a part of GM, Holden will not stop producing a RWD platform for quite a long time I believe. GM is constantly enhancing its RWD and rear bias AWD platforms to better battle BMW and Mercedes on the German front and the Mustang and Challenger on the American front. There are more and more cars being announced using the Alpha, Sigma, Y and Zeta platforms. In fact, out of their 9 car platforms (not including trucks at all), 4 of them are RWD. GM realizes that there will always be buyers for these platforms globally, so I don't expect them to change too drastically.

Ford has been looking for an out for a long time anyway.

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