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Aftermarket Antennas

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Aftermarket Antennas

PostSun Feb 02, 2014 6:15 pm

I wanted to say antennae but that is biology specific apparently. Anyone have experience with these? I can't stand antennas on vehicles and now I have a reason to delete/change mine as the carport I now subscribe to is 6'3 and my antenna is slightly taller. I was looking at autozone's spectra (get it?!) of options and I really like the windshield mounted option, ... 96712_0_0_, as it means I can delete the antenna entirely. I have a 99 ford ranger, 1987 AMC eagle and 1997 subaru legacy that I'm trying to sell (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=717&p=4012#p4012) I will definitely change the antenna on my eagle if the truck switch goes well.

I will not abide a shark fin. I am not in a Bond film and I am not Aquaman. I kinda like the 14 inch option, or a stubby although they don't have good reception, as well but a full delete is what I'm after. Any hoons have any experience with aftermarket antennas? The CB whip is also not an option as I'm not hick enough yet. In a year or two I can consider it, but if I did it now I'd be a poser. Also, it's just too big and showy for my tastes.

Overlords! I can do a writeup of whatever I decide on for the main site if you want.

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