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Time for a game- what's your marque got?

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Time for a game- what's your marque got?

PostFri Feb 14, 2014 3:26 am

Hopefully enough people still look at this forum to get this game going. I initially saw it on another car forum, but I think Hooniverse will like it.

Basically, the challenge is to find three cars for sale on the Internet now that are the best examples of the same make of car as one you own. You need to find:
One bargain below $1500 (or £1500 or €1500)
One classic under $10k (or £10k or €10k)
One "money no object" car.

I'll start, with Volvo.
1.5k bargain:

10k classic:

Money no object:
Sadly this seems to no longer be on sale:
As does this:

(I may have to change the rules a bit...)

So for the moment it's probably this.

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