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The trials and tribulations of buying a new car

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The trials and tribulations of buying a new car

PostMon Sep 08, 2014 6:50 pm

Step one - Find a car of interest at the price point you want. A 1.0L Ford Fiesta Manual Hatch for me.
Step two - Find a dealer with the car. Only one dealer around with it. Ok, no problem, I can go for a visit.
Step three - Set up an appointment. Very easy! Ok I can now go see it.
Step four - Go to the appointment! Also very easy!
Step five - See the car. First you show up at the dealership and they say they have no appointment for you. Not a big deal, there are sales dudes around. Have two sales dudes tell you the car isn't at the dealership. Respond that yes it is in fact there. They go check it out. One sales dude brings up the car! Success!
Step six - Test drive the car. I like it! Comfortable and responsive. The Ford mySync screen looks like a screen from the Terminator movie, but no big deal. It's a cheap car.
Step seven - The Negotiation.

The dealership: Imperial Ford in Mendon, MA.

Sit and talk with the guy. "Ok, this car is priced at 18.5."
Umm, no, your price is online at 16.1.
"Well that's after all the rebates and everything. Let's see what you qualify for. Have you received any Ford information in the mail? That might be a rebate."
"Ok, let me go and check for you." Chumpchange then walks away and does whatever the heck salespeople do when they get up. "Ok, I don't have anything on file for you. Let's keep looking." Chumpchange then goes through a whole bunch of crap for me and gets up a couple times to check stuff out.

I'm hungover. My girlfriend is hungover. We were just at a wedding the night before (awesome time!) and don't have the patience for the "show." We haggle over the trade in price for my truck. Wayy lowballed.
"Let me go talk my sales manager" He gets up again and walks away. "Ok, we can bring your trade in up a little bit. How about 17.5?"
Nope. "Let me go talk to my sales manager."
We do this for awhile and he comes back with the price now at 16.1. Where we should've started.
"Ok, I've got it to what you wanted at 16.1."
Nope, that's not the price I wanted, that's the price we should've started at. My girlfriend is already pissed off and says, "How about 14 or 14.5? That's what his budget it and what he's looking for. We're trying to save some money up."
Chumpchange again: "I don't think I can do that. We don't make much on these cars! I'm already skirting the line on what we can make! We make 500 on these cars and that's all."
Nope. And a blatant lie if you were trying to sell it at 18.5 to start with and dropped to 16.1 without a lot of work.
Chumpchange is now red and visibly upset. "Ok, let me talk to my sales manager."
Why I don't directly negotiate with the sales manager is beyond me.
Chumpchange is finally back. "I can't do it. That price is too low. 16.1 is the lowest I can do. Here's my card. Let me know if you change your mind." He's given up. What a chump.
Nope. I say ok and thank him for his time. He brings me up to the desk to get my keys and registration back. We all say our goodbyes and the sales manager winks at me as we leave.

What a bunch of chumps. He might be telling the truth. The showroom full of rock and roll memoribilia and chotchkes (a Backstreet Boys MTV Moonman! A signed Joe Walsh guitar!) says otherwise.

A lot of the yelp reviews look to be written by sales staff. 5 star reviews. No negatives at all. Talking to a few locals in the area reveals that they are very pushy and not pleasant to deal with. Great.

Back to square one! Hopefully a dealer closer to me gets one in.

Anyone got any good negotiating tactics?


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Re: The trials and tribulations of buying a new car

PostWed Sep 10, 2014 6:56 am

This is kind of a high stakes gambit, but I got it to work for me once. The issue is that you need to pay cash, or own your home, or have a rich uncle, or have some other source of unsecured funds at an acceptable interest rate.

Find the car you want locally, then go home, do your research, and decide what you are willing to pay for it. Go to the bank and get a cashier's check made out to [YOUR NAME] OR [DEALERSHIP NAME]. Take the check to the dealership. "Here's the check I am prepared to buy that car with. I have no other funds available. This is the deal; yes or no." Point out, if necessary, that taking the time to go to the bank and get the check should tell them that you're not a lookie-loo. The fact that their dealership name appears on the check indicates that you are not trying to play them against another dealer. But your name is on the check as an "OR" so you can go cash in the check yourself; you're not committed to dealing with them. But it's a hassle to go through all that, and not what either of you want, so why don't you just sell the car at that price.

They will try to talk you into paying cash for the admin fee, etc. Just keep saying "This is the deal, yes or no," until they get around to a flat yes or flat no.

I bought a motorcycle trailer listed at $1099 for $750 that way.
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