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Hot Rod Drag Week 2014

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Hot Rod Drag Week 2014

PostSat Sep 13, 2014 6:31 pm

Was anyone else here watching the drama and the live feed? It is over today, but man what a week.

If you are into drag racing, you should go check out the daily replays. All are on youtube. They are perfect for a slow day at work. Action, drama and some of the most fun I have had watching drag racing in years. I grew up being into, but NHRA bores me anymore...

Spoiler alert, the fastest street car in the world now running in the very low 6s. 5s are absolutely possible. 6.16 @ 219 IIRC.

Also, I suppose there might be someone who hasn't heard of Roadkill in the world. Youtube it. You are welcome.

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