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Free: Ford V8 2bbl intake, carb, and water pump

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Free: Ford V8 2bbl intake, carb, and water pump

PostFri Feb 24, 2012 11:36 pm

Off of my '64 Falcon from when I upgraded to 4bbl with an aluminum intake.

Carb should be an Autolite 2100 in the ~300cfm range, or equivalent parts store replacement. Intake is cast-iron and should fit any Ford 221-260-289-302.

The carb probably needs a rebuild, or at least a few gaskets and some cleaning.

I honestly can't see why someone would want the intake, as it's not really an upgrade over anything. Will probably go to scrap metal once i get around to it.

Water pump is probably good. I replaced it b/c I thought it was the source of a noise I later determined to be something else. My derp, your win. Should fit any Ford smallblock, definitely any example from the mid 60s.

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