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Basic Rules and Disclaimer for the "Help!" Forum

"I'm trying to ____" and I can't ____"
Please use descriptive titles so people know what you're whining about. Knowitallism strongly discouraged

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Basic Rules and Disclaimer for the "Help!" Forum

PostWed Feb 01, 2012 11:40 pm

Use a usefully descriptive title
Titles like "help!" "it won't start!" "what do I do?!" are of little use to readers or future searchers.
Give us some basic info like the car, year, and general system you're working on. E.g.: "81 BMW 633csi brake bleeding woes" tells us what we're getting into.

We're doing you a favor, so have the right attitude
There's nothing worse than someone who won't listen and take advice. Listen to what people are telling you, try what they're suggesting, and don't be in denial about what's really going on.

The posters are coming you for help, not to be ridiculed
The converse of above. The question might seem stupid, but we weren't all born knowing who to align a clutch, so help the poster learn. If someone's way out of their league or has already totally blown it, tell them, but try to be respectful about it.

Neither Hooniverse nor any users here accept liability for the consequences of any advice offered here
Automotive maintenance should only be performed by knowledgeable, qualified individuals using appropriate tools and parts. By using this forum, you take responsibility for all consequences of the maintenance, repairs or upgrades performed on any vehicle.

If you're asking us for help, you're already outside of that description, so (seriously) think twice about whether you're willing to risk the lives of yourself or those around you on a DIY repair.

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